Monday, February 15, 2016

New journey

It feels different yet the same being back at the yacht club. The welcome back I got from so many of the vested employees there did feel good, even though for some of them it was more for their dislike of my predecessor then their appreciation of me.

To walk through the facility brings back many memories both good and bad, even though there have been may physical changes in the last two years enough of its character from the past is still there. I look around and I can't help but see reminders of #Taryn #Smerecki reminders of the good times before her despicable lies came to light and reminders of the bad post lies memories.

Though the changes in myself, in the club and in life have run deep I believe my new role at the club will, following some difficult transition work out well.  I have no doubt the changes in #Taryn #Smerecki #florist #wedding planner and #liar extraordinaire run deep as well, I also have no doubt #Taryn to this day as no remorse and see's no harm in using cancer as a means to play games with others and for personal gain, it's very obvious as well her family and friends find no fault or issue with how #Taryn #Smerecki get her thrills or reaches personal gain.

At this point I just accept the level of hate I have grown for my Ex Kathy and for #Taryn #Smerecki #wedding planner and look forward so I can attempt to overcome and make the best of my time working in a place that reminds me of two hateful users like them.

Now it's time to do what I can to make a difference for the better.